Weight Loss Stack 52

Quick Sweat Dice Layout
Quick Sweat Dice Layout
Quick Sweat Dice Layout

What is Weight Loss Stack 52?

You really want to lose weight, and you've tried diets, but you always end up gaining the weight back. It feels like a never ending battle between your will power and your cravings. Sometimes you are strong for weeks and even months, but the cravings win eventually.

We designed Weight Loss Stack 52 for you. Diets don’t work because they don’t change the root cause of weight gain. You will learn new habits that prevent cravings before they even start. It’s easy to make good decisions when the wrong decisions are not so appealing!

For example, you get points for drinking 16 oz of water before a meal. A recent scientific study shows this simple action results in weight loss. You lose points for skipping meals. Skipping a meal makes you hungry, and it’s very easy to make poor eating decisions when you are hungry.

Weight Loss Stack 52 is not an exercise program, but it works most effectively with even small amounts of exercise (15 minutes/day will make a huge difference). Our website has dozens of free videos of Sergeant Volkin teaching simple bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere with no equipment. Better yet, make exercise a fun game, and check out Stack 52 exercise games.

  • IT REALLY WORKS: Weight Loss Stack 52 is based the latest scientific research, and the US Army gave Michael Volkin a medal for the diet programs he developed for the troops.
  • IT’S SIMPLE: You earn points for simple actions that are scientifically proven to promote weight loss. You lose points for actions that lead to weight gain. Just beat your score each week, and you will lose weight.
  • IT’S EASY: No calorie counting, No starving yourself. You won’t need a lot of will power. You will develop habits that prevent cravings. You don’t have to be perfect, just be better than you were last week.
  • KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF: Your habits determine your weight. Weight Loss Stack 52 teaches you new habits that will keep you lean and healthy.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you don’t love Weight Loss Stack 52, you get your money back.

How to Use Weight Loss Stack 52 Cards

  • Each card has an activity with a graphical representation and description of the activity
  • Each card is color coded.  The gold cards are bonus points; the red cards are penalties.  The points earned or penalized for each card are shown in the lower left.
  • Scan the QR code with a smartphone app to get information on the scientific study that proves the action promotes weight loss (you can also use the bit.ly link).
  • The goal is to get more points each week than the prior week.  In this way, You develop the habits that promote weight loss, and you will keep the weight off. 
Quick Sweat Dice Layout

How to Lose Weight with Weight Loss Stack 52

Step 1: When you receive the cards, read each one and get familiar with points you gain (or lose) for each activity. For the first week, don’t change anything, but keep track of your score. Give yourself points for the positive activities and subtract points for the bad activities.

Step 2: Now you are familiar with the cards and are keeping track of your points. In the 2nd week, pick a few positive activities you will start doing (or a few negative ones you will stop doing), and try to do them every day for that week. Start with the things that are the easiest for you. Don’t try to get a perfect score all at once.

Example 1: You get 2 points for brushing your teeth immediately after eating dinner. If that sounds easy, then do that every day, and you’ll get 14 points for the week (7 x 2 = 14).

Example 2: You lose 3 points for every soda you drink. If you really love soda, don’t try to stop drinking it all at once. You could choose to drink less soda later on in the program, or you could try to drink one less soda per day. That would make your score 21 points higher (3 x 7 = 21) for the week.

Step 3: In the 3rd week, pick a few more activities that sound easy, and commit to doing them each day. Give yourself points every time you accomplish the activity. Be really determined to get a better score each week. Be competitive!

By getting more points each week, you learn and develop the habits that will result in weight loss. Because these activities will become your new habits, and you will keep the weight off for good.


It’s very important to pick small wins that you know you can do. Make them a habit and build on your small successes. You will start seeing results which will motivate you and make doing the harder stuff easier as time progresses.


TIP: To build a new habit, you need a cue (something to remind you to do the activity) and a reward for completing the activity. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

For example, the new habit you want to develop is brushing your teeth immediately after dinner. You need a cue to remind you to do this or you will forget. Be sure to set up something that will remind you. Be creative. Maybe you could hang a tooth brush right over the kitchen sink. As you return the dishes to the kitchen, you will see the toothbrush and remember to brush your teeth. You might even brush your teeth over the kitchen sink. If it helps you build the habit, do it!

As soon as you accomplish a positive activity, tally your points earned right away (perhaps keep a note on your smart phone or use a journal). Giving yourself your earned points feels good and will re-enforce the habit. If you do a negative activity, subtract the points you lose immediately. It will hurt a little, and re-enforce that the negative activities are bad for you.

Click here to learn more about breaking bad habits and forming good ha​bits.


Sergeant Michael Volkin has a master’s degree in science, has authored 5 books, and has over 20 years of fitness experience. The US Army awarded Sergeant Volkin the Army Commendation Medal for the diet and fitness programs he designed for the troops while stationed overseas. Stack 52 games have been sold in over 24 countries.

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