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"Strength Stack 52 Makes a Game out of Exercise!" 

-ABC Eyewitness News

"This Is Really Smart."

- NBC Today Show

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Lost 68 lbs

Brandon Lost 68 lbs in 5 Months.

Forbes Riley Actress, Inventor of SpinGym

Strength Stack 52 is a very clever idea and makes exercising fun. I also like the idea that you can change up the workouts so that every day you have something unique.

Brett Hoebel Celebrity Fitness Trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser, Season 11

Strength Stack 52 mixes body weight exercises with fun and that is definitely what fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels could use.

Ken, Bryan TX

Fun and weight loss never before belonged together, until now."

Linda, San Diego CA

Weight loss now seems real to me and not just some marketing hype."

We absolutely love these cards."

​We put "fit kits" together for employees to use in the workplace, at home, and even at our very own on-campus wellness center. We absolutely love these cards. It's a well rounded product that offers tremendous value."

Shannon, ESPN

If you want to be successful and achieve your fitness goals, one has to find an activity that is fun."

I've signed up for gyms in the past and (like many folks) the membership went unused. I've tried Kickboxing, which was fun and challenging but it was expensive and I was unable to continue. I've come to believe that if you want to be successful and achieve your fitness goals, one has to find an activity that is fun.  

I love games, but I'm not that big of a fan of working out. But the Strength Stack 52 has found a way to make something not so "enjoyable" seem not bad. With the Strength Stack 52 cards, you can play different games (War, etc.) The website has a listing of various games you can try (and submit your own game ideas, as well!) You can challenge yourself or your friends. These cards are extremely portable (they are the size of playing cards). The exercises range from basic to difficult and are color coded based on the muscle group (i.e. Red for Core, etc.) There's even a QR code you can scan that will take you to a video demonstration of an exercise. 


I wanted to go running this morning, but it was raining.  I used Strength Stack 52 instead, and it kicked my butt!"

Jalyn L 
Petaluma, CA

Instead of playing strip poker and losing clothes, play fit poker and lose weight!"

Jim P
Sonoma, CA

Strength Stack 52 is the best thing to happen to fitness since people started becoming fit!"

Brandon F
Santa Rosa, CA

Such a simple product with so many applications.  I can play this with my friends, family or on a rainy day.  I am more energetic than ever and, I am in better shape than anyone in my gym."

Gail H
Beaumont, TX

It’s so simple and is yet extremely challenging. I have gained more muscle in the last three months than I have in the last 3 years working out in the gym. I have never felt better.”

Randy V 
Houston, TX
Danny "Fun and will give you a great workout plan"

I purchased the Tri Pack because I know that using your bodyweight is one of the best ways to train, and I was looking to enhance my workout at the gym and on the weekends with friends without paying for a expensive trainer.

With all the functionality of these cards, I definitely got a lot of benefit for the price. The "Anatomy of a card" is really well done and really helped during workouts to see exactly how to read the cards and what you should be doing. If you are concerned about not getting a workout because you are not using equipment, don't worry, you'll definitely get get more than enough to satisfy you - or at least enough to get you ripped! Also, there are a lot of different exercises - if you include all the variations, there are tons of exercises! Also, you should be able so do most of the exercises as a beginner, and if you're super advanced, maybe just add resistance to some of the variations with resistance bands, etc., but doubtful you'll need it!

These card are fun and give you a great workout plan. They are especially good if you have a workout buddy or group of people to help keep you from taking constant breaks to scan the codes and check how to do the variations.

The exercises are great, and each card gives you enough information so you can get started right away and make the most out of the workout. If you are looking for some exercises to get you started at home or at the gym, these are a really great purchase and can't see how you would be disappointed.

​Great Product for the Whole Family"

The reason I purchased the pack is because I have had my 2nd lot of back surgery in 3 years a couple of months ago. And I was looking for something that had lots of different body weight exercises that could help me work on my core with out heavy weights and was easy to take anywhere. The Stack 52 has more than delivered. They are so much more than I expected, being able to watch each new exercise by using my smart phone makes it so easy to make sure I get the technique right and understand how to do the each exercise. Even my kids love using them, each day we (myself and each of my kids, ages 6, 7 & 9) pick 1 or 2 cards each and all do the exercises together. It's turned into some great family time together and we are all keeping fit while having fun.

Mark Cairns

​Great Workout"

This deck is a great workout and an excellent way to add variety. The website is a very helpful tool to find different games to play with the stack. Also, the seller has EXCELLENT customer service- very timely and super helpful.

Heidi Hochkammer

​Great company to do business with"

Great company to do business with! I had some shipping issues initially, and after getting in touch with Mike via email, he made things right immediately. Quick response and genuine human being behind the scenes running things.
I am only a couple days into the workouts, but I love the way it works. Looking forward to getting into the routine and seeing all the exercises they have to offer. Really good idea, and easy to follow. Thanks again!


Great way to mix up your workout!!!"

I've used it twice so far and it truly kicked my butt. I like that the expansion pack uses exercises that I've never done before. I also like the fact that I'm not flipping through books or magazines for exercises and can randomly select exercises for different routines

Amazon Customer

Very Very Pleased, shipping was Fast"

Everything my son needed!!! He Loves the Fitness Cards!!!..So convienent and likes that it progresses to different difficulties. He can switch it up for so many different patterns of exercises . Very Very Pleased..shipping was Fast.. I Highly recommend this product and company!!

P. Silva

I really love it"

I backed this product on Kickstarter and I really love it. I am a personal trainer and it really helps me switch things up with my clients as a bonus round at the end of training. I have my clients draw 3 cards and do them fir a couple rounds."


I'm enjoying the cards as they put the trimming factor on my heavy weight work out. They're a good core balance regiment."



Buy these cards and also buy a bigger mirror, because in about 6 weeks you’ll be checking yourself out more!

Fred D.

Great Value and a lot of fun"

Lots of workout variety here for a great price. Fun to use with my workout buddy to satisfy my workout goals!

Barbara Gorder

So Fun!"

If you love fitness, you love a challenge, love to have fun doing it, you will love these. They change things up so you never have to have the same workout. If you are traveling this are ideal. If you are a trainer or have fit friends these can make a great game.


Column 1

Great workout!!"

If you get the regular deck, then you MUST get this one as well. This expansion pack gave me the effects I was looking for that the original deck could not do. Or you can just get this deck alone and be better off.

Joel Augustine

Awesome way to have fun and challenge yourself"

I got all the decks and the dice !!! I got to say these cards make working out fun and changes things up, that way your not getting bored of doing the same thing everyday or wasting time trying to figure out what to do next, such a great idea !!!

Jannemarie Smython

This is a fun way to add a couple of neat games at the end of a clients workout.

I just backed this product on kickstarter and I received all of my decks today. I can tell you right now that the normal deck, and the expansion pack are well worth the investment. I am a personal trainer and any edge that I can have against the competition helps this is a fun way to add a couple of neat games at the end of a clients workout. It is also nice to be able to have a day where we only do bodyweight exercises or for a charity event.  BUY IT!!!!!!!!"


Where have these been all my life?"

I started using strength stack with my boyfriend during our workout sessions and let me tell you: these cards Kicked Our Butt! They are the best alternative to a boring work out routine and because of the way we randomly drew our cards we both felt every muscle working by the end of the work out. I think anyone trying to spice up their routine should try the strength stack. I am putting a stack of these cards in all my workout buddies stockings this year! I think it would be insanely fun to get a group together and do the stack at random, almost in a fitness class setting, ah, a girl can dream! With expensive programs like Cross Fit out there it's nice to have an equally intense workout with the flip of the deck!


The best workout is the one you enjoy."

The strength stack is really an innovative way to workout or just to mix it up on rest days or between your usual workouts don't get just one deck order Tri Pack- Strength Stack 52 and get three decks save time get ready for a challenging workout that you can enjoy.

Amazon Customer

He loves it!

I don't usually write reviews but I recently bought the insane pack as a gift for my boyfriend who has the Strength Stack 52 and he loves it! He has been trying to do the exercises on the cards, can only do a few out of the dozen or so exercises but still gets a good workout trying to do them. Highly recommended!"


I recommend the whole series to anyone."

I love this series! This is another of the series of great well made cards deck. I have them all and they're great when you're traveling and when you need to continue taking care of yourself. I recommend the whole series to anyone.

Alexandre Leclerc

We always played this game at the gym with the trainers, but with a normal card deck. Now the cards are for real. The strength stack gives you a great workout and provides much needed variety to your workout routine."

M. J. Irby

I deal the cards mixed with my other routines , they are easy to take along when doing speed chutes and ladders at the School Yard."

Jason S. McCauley

What a way to get fit!"

I spend a great deal of time in the gym. The problem with that is I get bored easily. Enter SS52! The concept is easy to grasp, the cards are fun to look at, AND you can do it by yourself or with a group. I've done both. My personal trainer, who is a retired Marine, was impressed with the product as a whole. Nice to touch...meaning good quality product that won't break down over time, visually easy to understand, and since he runs a boot camp at 24-hr Fitness, something he can do with his group.
What a way to get fit!"

Bike Princess

a great way to get nice variety in a whole body work out without having to use gym equipment.

Why am I writing a review for these cards when I pretty much never write reviews? Got an email from Mike the creator of Strength Stack requesting a review and I find these cards so useful that I have no excuse not put in a good word.

This is a great way to get nice variety in a whole body work out without having to use gym equipment. I use the deck as an add-on to my yoga stretching routine to strengthen my 56 yo female body. I take one card from each color (muscle) group in a session and do 2-3 sets for each exercise. The next session I use a different group of cards and thus cycle through the whole pack. Some of the exercises are too challenging for me to do more than one rep but if you don't try, you don't get stronger.

Lauren Micheles "Great Product!"

Competing for points is the BEST way to get a workout, which is the concept behind these cards. They bring out my competitive nature. Well done!

I was sweating more in that 5 minute span than doing an hour at the gym"

So, I stumbled across this on Kickstarter and thought, what the hell. Why not? I don't go to a gym anymore as it is because of all the broken equipment. So I backed this on kickstarter, and it came in the mail a couple days after this project was funded. I must admit, I'm not at all in shape. And some of these exercises look terrifying and hard to do. But let me say this. After one game (that I could not finish because I was already tired) I was sweating more in that 5 minute span than doing an hour at the gym. I love these cards, between the type of exercises, and the fact that you can use your smart phone and watch a short clip of the exercise. Plus you can make games with it. Great Job Michael! I can't wait to the Sweat Dice!

Jeremey Zamecnik

you DO NOT NEED ANYTHING for it, Just yourself"

I saw a product like this on Shark Tank and was intrigued. I definitely thought it was a step in an interesting direction when it comes to working out. So I decided to pick these up. Its only 16 bucks, and what the hey, I have been telling myself "I need to start working out.
I bought it and went thru the deck, its basically a list of suggested workouts. What makes it awesome is that you DO NOT NEED ANYTHING for it, Just yourself. THAT Is what really makes this awesome. A cell phone with QR reader is a good idea to make things easier too.
The anatomy of the cards are genius. Depending on how/what you want to work out, this helps if you have a set idea of what you want to do.
NOW where this product falls short is, now you have these stack of cards, now what? It suggest 'games' in its video, but I cant really think of any game i could play with these cards. I just shuffle them, and pick the top 10-15.
Other than that, you have to put in some work to understand the 'system' (the anatomy of the cards, the color coding, etc), and these do take dedication, but seriously, I'm happy with it. Definitely worth the money if you're trying to get into just at home (or on break at work) workouts. My GF, who is a lazy bum can even do these so it works out."

Mr Mister
Evelyn Hemming "Strength Stack 52 Adds Fun and Variety to Exercise Routine!"

This is a fun, innovative way to change up an exercise routine. These cards make it easy to do a home interval circuit. The numbers on the cards also lend themselves to a variety of games. My sons enjoy challenging each other to "Strength Stack War" where the "loser" has to do the designated exercise. Gets them off the couch! Two thumbs up!

I can't rate this product high enough"

This is a great concept and the product is excellently produced.  As a military member fitness is an important part of my life - especially when my annual fitness test is coming up : )  I love that the exercises included in Strength Stack 52 are perfect for working the muscles groups focused on during military fitness tests. I definitely agree with the other reviews that SS52 is a fun way to get a work out, especially if you work out with other people.  I can't rate this product high enough. I am recommending it to all of my military and civilian friends.

Military Magician

Strength Stack 52 is AWESOME!"

What a great concept! For years I've been stuck in the same routine- that which was learned long ago. Strength Stack 52 not only mixes up the sequence- it builds from beginner to intermediate to advanced exercises. And the best part- I can take it on the road! Thanks for being a coach and challenger! Highly recommended for road warriors-

Pete Chrzaszczon

Fantastic product!"

It's easy for unfit beginners to understand and we got a great workout from it. The cards describe each move beautifully and we only had to look up one video for one of the cards. (The company that makes these cards also makes videos showing each move being completed.) You will not be disappointed with this deck.

Justin Actonon

These cards are awesome, with so many different ways to use them."

Just got these cards in the post and they are 'Bang On'!! I've recently started getting fit at forty with calisthenic and bodyweight training and I was looking for some easy-to-use, all-in-one exercise ideas. These cards are awesome, with so many different ways to use them, and what's more I don't need anything else!

Darren Bennickeon

I use it everyday. Honestly, it's the best workout I have ever got."

I use it everyday. Honestly, it's the best workout I have ever got. The product revolves around nano-sport periodization, where a challenge will force you to work harder because you are competing with others, or to break your own records.

I like Strength Stack because I can take it anywhere. I travel a lot for work and the hotels in the gym are worthless, I get a lot more out of my Strength Stack. In terms of price, you can't beat a fitness product that does so much for around $20. I highly recommend you give it a shot, there isn't much to lose.

Update: I have been using the Stack for 3 months and lost over 25 pounds while gaining muscle. I haven't changed my diet at all, wondering how much weight I could have lost actually paying attention to their 60-day challenge weight loss program.



So much fun and versatile. I play the cards with my family and I challenge myself. The dice are great too!


Best Deal"

I originally wanted to get only the dice, but am LOVING the cards, even the weight loss deck is awesome