Tabata Fit 4

Tabata Fit 4

Players: 1- 6 players

Goal: To be the player who gets the most points

Instructions: The rules of this game are modeled after the popular fitness regimen called Tabata. This game will increase both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels and will take 4 minutes to complete. This workout is intense and it may take you a while to build up to a full 4 minute game.

Set a timer for 20 seconds. Flip a card and perform the exercise on that card at full intensity for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds. During that rest flip another card. When the rest period is over, perform the exercise on the card you just flipped for 20 seconds at full intensity. Rest again for 10 seconds. At this point, you have done 2 exercises for 20 seconds each and rested for a total of 20 seconds, which totals one minute. Repeat this process 3 more times for a total of 4 minutes of exercise. At the end of the 4 minutes total the value numbers of the cards you completed. The total of the value numbers will be your score. Your opponent(s) can now go, or you can compete with yourself by trying another 4 minute interval to beat your previous score.

Wild card: n/a

Variations: You can vary the interval and/or rest periods. Players can also agree before the game starts that you can skip one drawn card per interval. You can also play this game in small or large teams with every member of the team who completes the exercises without stopping gets the point on the card.