Whether you are an elite athlete or a novice, yoga is a challenging, relaxing, and rewarding journey to a healthier, happier you. Yoga will increase your flexibility, build muscle strength, strengthen your bones, joints, and connective tissue, and improve your posture and balance.

The Periodic Table of Yoga Poses contains over 100 different poses. The table is arranged by pose type horizontally. There are backbends, chest openers, hip openers, standing poses, seated poses, poses for your core, forward bends, restorative and supine poses, inversions, balancing poses, and twists. 

The yoga poses are arranged vertically by difficulty. At the top are the simplest poses that are the easiest to learn and perform. As you move further down the table, the poses become increasingly difficult, requiring more flexibility, coordination, and athleticism to perform.

Click on any illustration for a quick video demonstration of that Pose. We hope you enjoy this infograph and spend some time learning these Yoga Poses. We spent many hours putting this together, so please share it! You might also enjoy the Periodic Table of Bodyweight Exercises, the Periodic Table of Suspension (TRX) Exercises, the Periodic Table of Dumbbell Exercises, the Periodic Table of Kettlebell Exercises, the Periodic Table of Exercise Ball Exercises, the Periodic Table of Resistance Band Exercises, the Periodic Table of Barbell Exercises, or the Periodic Table of Stretching Exercises.