Periodic Table of Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell exercises might be the most effective way to develop functional fitness, explosive power, and endurance.  No wonder kettlebells are a staple for elite military units, fighters, and cross-fitters.  Whether fitness is a matter of life and death, victory or defeat, or you just want to lose weight, kettlebells are a great choice.  The basic kettlebell swing is on our short list of the best exercises for both men and women regardless of their fitness goals.  Said another way, you should be doing kettlebell swings.  You can thank us later.

The Kettlebell Periodic Table lists over 100 different exercises you can do with kettlebells.  The table is arranged by muscle group horizontally.  There are kettlebell exercises for your arms, back, chest, legs, shoulders, and abs. There are also compound full body movement exercises and cardio exercises you can do with kettlebells.‚Äč 

The kettlebell exercises are arranged vertically by difficulty.  At the top are the simplest exercises that are the easiest to learn and master. As you move further down the table, the exercises become increasingly difficult, requiring more strength and/or skill to perform.

Click on any illustration for a quick video demonstration of that exercise.  We hope you enjoy this infograph and spend some time learning these kettlebell exercises.  We spent 100's of hours putting this together, so please share it!  You might also enjoy the Periodic Table of Barbell Exercises, the Periodic Table of Bodyweight Exercises, the Periodic Table of Suspension (TRX) Exercises, the Periodic Table of Resistance Band Exercises, the Periodic Table of Dumbbell Exercises, the Periodic Table of Stretching Exercises, the Periodic Table of Exercise Ball Exercises, or the Periodic Table of Yoga Poses.

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