Periodic Table of Bodyweight Exercises

All Bodyweight Exercises are in Stack 52 Fitness Games!

This clickable infograph titled Periodic Table of Bodyweight Exercises shows only bodyweight exercises that require no equipment. All of the exercises found here can be found in Strength Stack 52 Fitness Games. Body weight exercises are a great way to build muscle and/or reduce fat. No equipment equipment is needed; you can do them anywhere.  Anyone from an advanced fitness enthusiast to a beginner can get a great bodyweight workout. Some of the most advanced bodybuilders in the world use body weight exercises in their workout routines as they can be integrated into any workout program or can be used as a standalone routine.

Click on any image for a How-to-Video of Sergeant Volkin demonstrating the exercise and explaining the proper technique.  We hope you enjoy this infograph and spend some time learning the exercises. The bodyweight exercises are arranged horizontally by primary muscle group worked and vertically by difficulty. Note that many of these exercises work multiple body parts. If you have any suggestions on how to make this infograph even better, or know of a bodyweight exercise we may have missed, please submit your comme´╗┐nts here.

Periodic Table of bodyweight exercises

Speed JacksHigh Knee Running in PlaceSwitch KicksSki JumpersFrog LungeTuck JumpsMountain ClimbersSky KicksQuad HopSwitch BacksCrunchesFlutter KicksBicyclesPlanksHanging KicksSliding PlankPlank ReachCross PlanksShoulder BridgeSide PlankBear Hug CrunchesVertical CrunchScorpionsBody RocksAb FlexSide RaisesVariation Scissor KicksSpiderman PlanksMason TwistsPlank CrawlsExtended PlanksCrunchy FrogsCircle KicksBrock ShuffleReverse CrunchesSquatsWall SitsJack SquatsTwisting Squat JumpsTwisting LungesChair PosesSquat JumpsReverse Leg LiftsLungesSingle Leg DeadliftsOne Legged Triple JumpsSingle Leg SquatsFlamingo SquatsKick Your ButtCalf RaisesClock LungesScissor SquatsSupermansPush Ups (On Your Knees)Push UpsWide Arm Push UpsPush Ups with a ClapJump Back Push UpsChest TapsDragon WalksWide Arm Push Ups (On Your Knees)Chest PressHindu Push UpsJumping Jack Push UpsWide Arm Push Ups (Twist Up)Strongman FlexDiamond Push Ups (On Your Knees)Tricep DipsDiamond Push UpsPike UpsPike Push UpsShoulder AnnialatorsTricep Extension Push UpsSpringing TripodsSingle Leg Tuck Jump BurpeesKnee Slap Push UpsMuay Thai Push UpsAztec Push UpsCrucifix Push UpsOne Arm One Leg Push UpsSuperman Push UpsL SeatsFrozen V Sits360 Degree Push-Ups

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