Nano-sport Periodization Will Change Your Workouts Forever

Nano-sport Periodization Will Change Your Workouts Forever

It’s called Nano-sport Periodization, and the new workout theory is expected to be the top fitness craze for 2013. The theory is focused on adding a competitive component to your workouts.  Have you ever played a sport and realize after a half hour you are dripping with sweat? That’s because competition brings out the best in people.  “Competition stimulates your mind to force your body to a higher level, thus increasing strength and improving your cardiovascular health.  Competition is fun and the desire to win pushes your body beyond a typical rhythmic workout routine.” says Dr. Daniel Fung, Sports Chiropractor and Active Release Technique Specialist.

Nano-sport periodization is a concept created by the inventor of Strength Stack 52 and military fitness expert, Sergeant Michael Volkin.  Sergeant Volkin explains, “Studies show that several small workouts throughout the day produce increased muscle and energy.”  Layer in fun competition and you’ve got nano-sport periodization.”

Nano-sport periodization is defined as:

Nano – Small or mini

Sport – Playing a game with a challenging component

Periodization – Dividing exercises into segments of varying intensities

The mini workout component is another aspect of Nano-sport Periodization that merits attention.  Dr. Fung explains, “People don’t eat one large meal per day.  Your body needs continuous nutrients throughout the day and your muscles and cardiovascular system are no exception.  Exercising 3-5 times per day in 10 to 15 minute bursts is more beneficial to your joints, fosters muscle growth and allows your body to burn calories throughout the day.”

Fitness products are being developed to coincide with the scientific findings proving the benefits of mini-workouts. One of those fitness products, Strength Stack 52, centers on the Nano-sport Periodization theory. Strength Stack 52 is a set of fitness cards with a gaming component, allowing people to compete with one another using bodyweight exercises.