The Great Wall Sit Challenge

The Great Wall Sit Challenge

Players: 1- 6 players

Goal: To be the last player remaining with cards

Instructions: All players flip a random Strength Stack card to determine who goes first. The person who flipped the lowest number on the card goes first. Each player gets 9 randomly drawn cards. Each player is to perform a 60 second wall sit, one at a time. Once one player finishes, another player starts (while the person who just finished rests).  The players alternate with 60 second wall sits until one player quits and can’t complete their 60 second wall sit. When one player quits, that player must give 3 of their cards to another player. That other player must perform the exercises, then when it is their turn, complete the wall sit. The last player remaining with cards wins.

TEAM PLAY: For a group, break up into teams. You can do small or large teams.  Assign one person on each team to start the one minute wall sit. Someone starts a timer and yells “go”. For 60 seconds the player must hold a wall sit position. Once that minute is up, someone else on the team takes over for one minute until each person has a turn. If one person does NOT complete their 60 second wall sit, everyone else on that team must flip a Strength Stack card and perform the exercise. The winner is determined by the most people on the team who complete their wall sits.

Wild card: automatic winner

Variations: Limited only by your imagination.  One common variation to to extend the 60 second wall sit to 90 seconds