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The Secret to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

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The Secret to Achieving Your Fitness GoalsNo Defining Moments I love Disney movies. There are heroes and bad guys, and there is always a defining moment where the hero makes a difficult decision that changes everything. In Disney movies, defining moments determine the outcome of the story.Life is not a Disney movie. There is no […]

How to Create Bootcamp Workouts in 5 Easy Steps

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How to Create Bootcamp Workouts in 5 Easy Steps Why Bootcamp Workouts?Bootcamp workouts are fun. You work out with other people in a challenging, rugged setting. There’s a real sense of accomplishment and camaraderie completing a tough workout with others whether you are competing to be first, encouraging others to keep going, or need the encouragement yourself!Bootcamp workouts […]

Weird Workout Hacks that Actually Work

It’s not hard to find hundreds of search results for workout tips when searching the internet. That’s why I was on a mission to find quick and easy workout tips that actually work, proven by scientific studies.  Below are my findings: Talk to Yourself- While most people get bothered, and slightly scared, by others who […]

The Busy Parent Workout

busy parent workout

The Busy Parent Workout With the daily responsibilities of being a parent, it seems nearly impossible to consistently make time for the gym. But don’t worry; there are exercises you can fit into your existing day that can be surprisingly effective. If you want to lose weight and have more defined muscles, fit the below […]