100 Push Up Variations

Many of these push up variations are in Stack 52 Fitness Games!

The 100 Pushup Variations infograph was developed by Sergeant Mike Volkin of Strength Stack 52 and Dan Delisle of PushXpro.  The push up variations increase in difficulty as you go down the chart.  Start with a pushup variation that is challenging and move down the chart as you get stronger!

The embed code is at the bottom of this page and the social networking buttons are at the side, feel free to share!  We worked hard on this, enjoy!

- Mike and Dan

Strength Stack 52PushXproDiamondWide ArmSlow NegativeSide to SideStaggeredOne FootHinduFeet Elevated on BenchIncline Bench w/Knee RotationBeyond the RangeT-Push UpLateral Plank WalksBand ResistedPushXproClapperSlow MotionTricep ExtensionBeyond the Range w/ Feet ElevatedLeaning TowerIncline BoxSide TapHand TapShuffleIncline DepthLeg Kick OutWalking JumpOne Foot Elevated on OtherIsometricAlternating Knee TapShoulder TapSpiderman w/ PushXproLeg Twist w/ PushXproLeg Tuck w/ T-Push Up Using PushXproSpiderHalf BurpeePyloBand Resisted w/ Feet ElevatedChainSit ThroughPlate LoadedRingSliding ForwardDecline Swiss BallGrasshopper PositionCircleArcherCrossed Forearm to Tricep ExtensionThigh SlapChest TapCrucifixFinger TipMedicine Bar 2 ArmScorpionPikeLateral Pylo on PlatesClose Grip Pushup to RolloutDumbbell RotationSliding LateralSuspension StrapWalking GeckoFeet on KettlebellsRenegadeUchi MataJack KnifeDragon WalksOn Hand on Medicine Ball w/ PushXproOne-Leg w/ PushXproOne ArmSide to Side Pylo on Med BallChain with Feet ElevatedChain w/ Feet Elevated on Bench & Hands on KettlebellsSingle Inverted KettlebellDouble Inverted KettlebellModified PlancheHandstand (Supported)SupermanDiamond w/ Feet Elevated on BenchOne Arm One LegSuspension with a Stability BallFalling and Exlosive ReboundLalanne FingrtipFalling and Flying Superman ReboundSuperman X JumpsFlying SquirrelAztecFlying Superman w/ Hands Behind HeadAztec Cross TouchFlying Cap RemoverPolymetric Sets w/ CombinationsOne Hand ClapMuay ThaiTriple Clap360 Push UpDiamond Hand Stand w/ balance supportFree HandstandTiger Bend WallCorkscrewWall Braced One Arm4 Medicine BallAtomic Using PushXpro

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