The Stack 52 Story: Designed for Mom, Used by the US Military

Designed by a Military Fitness Expert, Used by the US Army

Military fitness exercises

Sergeant Volkin was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for the exercise program he designed for US soldiers.

His contribution to a high level of physical fitness, motivation, and recreational opportunities resulted in vast improvements in the overall health and moral of numerous soldiers...."

"Sgt Volkin developed healthy diet programs for soldiers…resulted in a large number of soldiers losing weight, performing PT at a higher level, and experiencing a more positive attitude...."​

US Army
Commendation Medal

Featured on NBC Today Show and ABC Eyewitness News

"This Is Ingenious!"

- ABC Eyewitness News​

"This Is So Smart!"

- NBC Today Show

Get a Great Workout Anywhere with NO Equipment.

bodyweight exercise games in the park
  • Play Anywhere, Any Time
  • No Planning, No Preparation, No Equipment
  • Intense but Short 5-20 Minute Workouts Produce Best Results

Variety + Fun = Motivation & Results

Mason Twist Bodyweight Exercise in the park
  • Play by Yourself or Challenge Friends and Family.
  • 100+ Bodyweight Exercises & Dozens of Games.  No More Boredom.
  • Fun and Motivating: You Will Get Results!
bodyweight exercise games in the park girls
bodyweight exercises in the park pushups mike and erin

Easy to Learn. Progressive Difficulty. Challenging for Everyone.

  • Sergeant Volkin Demonstrates all Exercises in Online Videos.
  • Full Body Workout: Upper Body, Legs, and Core
  • Progress from Beginner to Elite Difficulty
  • 114 Different Exercises: You haven't seen many of these before!

Real People.  Real Results.

workout cards

Brandon Lost 68 lbs in 5 Months.

Everyone Loves Stack 52 Games. You Will Too.

Forbes Riley Actress, Inventor of SpinGym

Strength Stack 52 is a very clever idea and makes exercising fun. I also like the idea that you can change up the workouts so that every day you have something unique.

Brett Hoebel Celebrity Fitness Trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser, Season 11

Strength Stack 52 mixes body weight exercises with fun and that is definitely what fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels could use.

Such a simple product with so many applications.  I can play this with my friends, family or on a rainy day.  I am more energetic than ever and, I am in better shape than anyone in my gym."

Gail H
Beaumont, TX

It’s so simple and is yet extremely challenging. I have gained more muscle in the last three months than I have in the last 3 years working out in the gym. I have never felt better.”

Randy V 
Houston, TX

I wanted to go running this morning, but it was raining.  I used Strength Stack 52 instead, and it kicked my butt!"

Jalyn L 
Petaluma, CA